Jun 6, 2009

Gadgets Cause Pain

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Unexpectedly, my Kubuntu and Ubuntu CDs arrived yesterday, after I had successfully installed windows. It was shipped last May 17 and I was expecting it at mid-July because it says 8 weeks. I had desperately wanted an OS last Thursday since I reformatted my laptop and the OS installation always fails. It turns off halfway the installation of Windows and the Ubuntu Gibbon live CD I had downloaded way back before won't boot. I discovered that I had burned some Linux such as Puppy, Freespire, Zenwalk and Gibbon but only Puppy (thanks to this tiny distro) loaded in my laptop, the others won't even give me the installation mode.

My lappy got infected by Win32 virus though I was able to remove the virus, the OS got messed up and repairing Windows won't solve the services.exe and explorer.exe errors. The problem got worse last Wednesday and it won't even load the Windows splash screen. So, I decided to reformat it and use the Puppy Linux to retrieve the files (I don't know the technical way of retrieving files from the hard disk so I used a 2GB USB to transfer the files to my sis lappy).

I had my sister working with me so that she can learn how to backup, format and install a new OS. Maybe she's a jinx that time. When I worked alone on the night, I had successfully installed the Windows.

While I am busy with the installation, she was playing NBA Live in PSP and was serious to learn the game. After hours of playing, she came to me complaining bout the unresponsive PSP. I tried to restart the thing but it's still on the same state. Then I go to the Recovery Menu and accidentally selected the format flash 1. The PSP is back to it's default setting and I can't even know if the CFW is still functioning (PSP is still unresponsive).

Now, I was able to boot up the Gibbon through Wubi and tested the two OS that I received. None had run fine with my 256 mb RAM. I need to buy a higher one. I was looking at but with no success.

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