Feb 28, 2014

Realizations at 25

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They say life is a long journey where you meet a lot of people along the way. When I say a lot, it's really a lot. But when that happens, do you really get to know those "a lot" really well? Only few of those people get a chance to be part of your long journey. So, treasure them.

But can someone get tired of those lot? I hope not. We just extend our networks and still keep the old ones. It's the time where you want to explore more, get out of your circle and gain more friendship. That's what I would surely do. Extend my presence in the lives of others. That's why I chose my field in the first place, right?

I think I have lost focused in that previous goal lately, I became stranded to just being alone, where I still enjoy though, seems funny huh? But time is passing too fast, and come this year, I just woke up that I am 25 already. And now I am rushing things to cope up with reality; I enrolled to school to gain a master's degree and keep my workplace. I want to know new people again, gather inspiration and beat life's experiences. I might been held in the cage for quite a few years now and swam in that little space wherein there is a bigger world outside.

So, hello again WORLD! I will conquer you again with lots of pictures to shoot and stories to tell.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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