Feb 28, 2014

On Being a Teacher

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

People had asked me that many times when I was small. But I haven't any clue on what I wanted to be. So, to just answer it, I'll say "I want to be an accountant". And I have lived being good with numbers.

Then came college entrance test. I still don't know what course to take. I took the advice of my Mom's friend that since I have a growing curiosity over electronic things, maybe I should take ECE. So, I checked the ECE course in UP as my first choice and Statistics as my second choice. Then came the result, I passed the ECE course but I was in the waiting list. I don't want to wait anymore for the new ECE students vacate their slots so I enrolled in the BS Statistics Program. And thank God I did that because ECE course in UP has a high mortality rate on which I am unaware at that time. Maybe by this time, I am still in my college years, taking a different course.

I graduated as a statistician and it took me a year to decide on what job to take. I applied for a programmer and a bank statistician. I think I got cold-feet during the last days of my stay in Manila and decided to return to the province and wait for new companies to reply to my job applications. Many companies had called but I thought much on my future if I am going to stay in the city. With the kind of lifestyle that awaits me there and the not-so-enough salary to sustain my cravings, I decided to stay in the province and applied for a job in the Department of Education and later to the Camarines Norte State College. I stayed for a month in the DepEd and transferred to CNSC without thinking much of the future. I just want to experience having a job and maybe just having a low-profile for a while (hehehe).

It never occurred to me that I will be a teacher someday. I can only do tutorial classes and I thought that was enough to try this new life. So, I plunged myself in the academe without any clue of what lies in there. Luckily, the faculty was welcoming. But I had a hard time with the students. I was not accustomed to average to not so genius students. Most of my tutorial classes were composed of the top-ranking students though there were also times that I handled the lowest-ranking students to get back on tracks in their class. I can say that I had adapted to it. I managed to lower my level of expectations but it took me a long time. It was an achievement and I renewed for another semester and this was followed by more semesters. I can say that I had enjoyed what I did. Teaching had become a medium to accomplish my goal which is, to be existent in other people's life.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

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