Feb 28, 2014

Forever Young...

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They don't deserve to die at a very young age. They haven't experienced what life is.
 Is there a proper time to die? So, death should only be applicable to oldies? Why then is God taking away lives of babies and kids? Did He made a mistake of putting them on earth or did He changed His plans? I think it is not for us people to say "They don't deserve to die, yet." It's God who commanded it, why battle against His decisions?

I think we live not because we have to experience life. We are here because our existence have purpose. Oh, yes, we are so familiar with this. But do we really care about our purpose? Once we go on with our lives, we are misguided by our belief that we are here to enjoy. Sometimes death of others is the only way to shaken us. Sometimes I think other' s purpose is to die just to help others know their own purpose. Isn't it great to know that God is using you for the sake of some people. Your death brings life to a dying soul. Well, you are not Christ who brought millions of souls to life. Yet, you can be like Him.Through your death you made a person realized that they are moving away from their purpose.

It's not the time nor the experience, it's fulfilling what you are intended to do on this world. It's like living for others to also live. It may be death, illness, accident, or just simple favors. What matter is you are seeking your purpose and where it leads you doesn't matter at all. Our lives are interrelated, right?

While we enjoy life, let's also give space for the fulfillment of why we are here.

 Monday, December 19, 2011

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